Deadplanet has been about many things…

When originally created, it was intended to hold my artwork, and did so for several years. Time came and passed, artwork slowly stopped, and the site was never updated. I then turned DeadPlanet in to my online “Go-to” place, where I used one of the first versions of online CMS’ to store links of interest, including my bookmarks.

Recently, DeadPlanet hosted my Diving side of life. Eventually I registered CourtesyPuff.com, and now host a Tech divers forum over there. It’s not super-active, but I don’t care. It’s my space to play with as I see fit.

Now, I am going to set up DeadPlanet to be a blog which will allow me to tell stories. Hopefully, if I can pay attention enough, I will begin with a story of living in the Zombie Apocalypse. As my writing skills hopefully grow stronger, I will begin to write the story of DeadPlanet, which has been in conception in my mind for well over ten years now, and spans thousands of years.

Just to be clear, I am in no way a writer. There may be grammatical and spelling errors. If you would like to point it out, please do in private, and I will fix it if I have time.

This of course depends upon how much time I have to knock these out. 0]




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